8-10 December 2017
Alpen Adria Universität Klagenfurt
UTC timezone
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Alpen Adria Universität Klagenfurt - Mensagebäude (Hörsaal 11)

Digital Correction. A Corpus-Based Analysis of a Text by Thomas Bernhard


  • Dr. Hanno BIBER

Primary authors


Methods of Digital Literary Studies can be used for a detailed analysis of a literary text and are to be considered particularly fruitful for this purpose when combined with methods of computational philology as well as with methods of corpuslinguistics. These methods of digital literary studies create a new version of the text, which becomes accessible to the readers and scholars in a completely new fashion. A literary text can be studied and presented not only as an entity that is part of a corpus of texts by the same author but can also be regarded as becoming part of a much larger text corpus constituting the literature which is historically and linguistically related to this text. A narration can be used as such an exemplary object of scholarly and scientific interest to determine the potential of digital methods in literary studies and in the fields of computational philology and of corpus research. The language of the text presented in electronic form needs to be carefully analysed by taking into account all structural elements on all levels of its linguistic as well as of its specific structural literary features. The relations, the patterns and the distribution of its lexical items, of the grammatical features and of the semantic values, of its narrative structures, or of the idiosyncrasies as well as the generalities of the novel Correction, published by Thomas Bernhard in 1975, will be examined by making use of analytical digital techniques.