The 17th Annual STS Conference Graz 2018 invites interested researchers in the areas of Science, Technology and  Society Society Studies (STS) and Sustainability Studies to give presentations. The conference provides a forum to discuss on a broad variety of topics in these fields – especially abstracts are encouraged which include some aspects of the above mentioned conference themes or special sessions.


Thematic Tracks

Gender - Technology - Environment

S1 Queer(ing) technologies
S2 Re-configuring computing trough feminist new materialism
S3 Sounding out collaboration(s) in toxic infrastructures
S4 Analysis and perspectives of inter*, non-binary and trans in higer education (and research)
S5 "Surviving in academia" - careers in the academic neo-feudalism
S6  " Gendered career progresses in STEM - Networks as influential (and crusical?) factor and disciplinary stereotypes
S7 "So, you’ve got talent?" Future potentials in scientific career development beyond gender and disciplinary  stereotypes
S8 Experimental methods as modes of intervention in the study of science and technology

Digitalization of Society

S9 Webvideos: science communication, power and credibility
S10 Algorithmic Society: Shaping and relying on algorithms
S11 Transdisciplinary approaches to technology assessment for evaluating opportunities and risks of the sharing economy enabled by digitalization
S12 Socio-technical systems in the digitized society
S13 Degrowth and Digitalization
S14 Information Infrastructures and the Digitalization of Science: Perspectives of STS, TA and Cultural Studies
S15  Towards digital health


Life Sciences / Biotechnology

S16 Diagnostics after the genome: reconfiguring subjectivities and collectivities

Microbial living in the time of antimicrobial resistance

S18 Fostering agricultural biotechnology in line with RRI principles
S19 Criteria for Bioeconomy
S20 Designed to spread – gene drives as a challenge for innovation policy and governance
S21 High-Tech Food: Expanding the bosphere from lab benches to satellite constellations
S22 Need for responsible biohacking

Sustainable and Innovative Public Procurement & Ecodesign

S23 STS – Design – Sustainability
S24 Demand side: Environmental innovation for and with public sector organisations


Towards Low-Carbon Energy and Mobility Systems

S25 Smart energy systems innovation: What do we learn from niche experiments?
S26 Governing by tension or use? RES in transition and the role of communities of citizens and users in fostering sustainability in South Europe


Sustainable Food Systems

S27 Towards public acceptance of wastewater reuse under the current EU framework: what role of technology
S28 Moving from thinking in silos to thinking in systems - opportunities and barriers for socio- technical integrated sustainable food systems?
S29 Reducing resource consumption in food distribution systems – research and practice in a transdisciplinary discussion
S30 Imaging sustainable food systems


Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)

S31 Understanding, monitoring, evaluating and assessing the impacts of RRI
S32 Innovative support structures for the implementation of RRI in practice


General STS Topics

S33 Technical standardisation and STS
S34 Ad hominem arguments, personal attacks and group-focused enmities - infringements against scientist and their work
S35 The fabulous world of STS research
S36 Alterscience, at the margins of science
S37 Public engagement with new and emerging technologies


Poster Session

We also appreciate proposals for poster presentations.

For submitting a proposal for a poster please use the online form and indicate poster as your presentation type.

The accepted posters will be presented in an open plenary session during which every presenter will have about 2-3 minutes to present their poster. The audience will then have the opportunity to ask or engage in one-on-one discussions.


Abstract Submission

The abstract needs to be submitted online.

It should not exceed 500 words, max. 5 keywords, and the abstract with authors’ contact details should be submitted by using the online form.

Please indicate the number of the session in which your presentation should be included.

Abstracts and full papers (to be submitted after the conference) will be published as online-proceedings (ISSN).

Notification on abstracts by: Mid of February 2018

Conference language: English