Objectives of the IACS/SCADA Security-Workshop:

·       to address the Current Practice of structuring, taking measures, evaluating benchmarking Industrie4.0 platforms and industrial automated control systems (IACS);

·       to address Security Techniques, Architectures, Services, Features and Human-Machine-Interfaces in Standardization of Industrie4.0 platforms or CRITIS such as (but not limited to): 

o   IEC TC65 Industrial Process Measurement, Control, Automation (IEC62443-p)

o   IEC TC57 Power System Management (IEC62351-p)

o   ISO JTC1/SC27 IT Security Techniques ISM, Process Control (ISO270 01/02/19)

o   BSI Protection Profile for Smart Grid GW, Energy Industry Act (TR03109)

o   ETSI CEN/CENELEC Smart Grid Coordination Group

o   NIST Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (NIST IR7628) etc.

·       to address Innovations derived from features of industrial security & privacy standards and their impacts on industrial Control and Automation Systems IACS/SCADA/CRITIS;

·       to address new Evaluation and Test Standards, i.e. 'Prüfnormen', necessarey to check correct implementations and impacts of security & privacy measures in real and (ultra) large-scaled systems (ULS resp. CRITIS);

·       to address Laws and EU Regulations that achieve Man-Machine Communication in the realm of 'Industrie4.0'. 

Starts 27 Sep 2016 09:00
Ends 27 Sep 2016 14:35

the following WS Programme (9h00-12h30) of 6 presentations has been decided:

I 9h00-9h45: Opening Session and Introduction to IEC 62443 and I4.0-Reference Models

II 9h45-10h35: Securing IACS

III 10h30-11h00: Round Tabel Discussion & Coffee

IV 11h00-12h30: Security Modelling & Analysis